THE MISSION of Consciously Design is to create beautiful spaces for a better world, because our environments shape us and help us shape the world.  

OUR APPROACH leans towards clean lines and sophistication with an appreciation for color and joyful touches.

OUR DESIGNS range in style (whether minimal, eclectic, bohemian, organic, modern or traditional in tone) as we work with clients who have clear visions or require guidance to design stylish, functional spaces. 

OUR METHOD combines holism, science, and design principles to create supportive environments that help our clients live, work, learn, and play at their optimal levels.  We design spaces for a smarter, healthier, happier you.

Magalie Rene-Hayes Interior Designer Photo


*  Home Owners to design homes that speak to identity, self-expression, creativity, and purpose.  

*  Parents to create stylish, kid-friendly, flexible spaces that reflect their collective lives.

*  Educators to create learning environments that encourage academic achievement, creativity, and contribution.  

*  Businesses (wellness centers, yoga studios, start-ups, non-profits, retailers, and more)  to design spaces that tell their story so they can attract their tribe of clients, customers, employees, and communities.  


"I believe our environments shape us and help us shape the world, so I'm committed to creating homes, businesses, and schools that make people feel good. Our method combines holistic ideas, scientific research, and design principles to help you live a happier, healthier, more productive life. 

We provide the tools so you can create the home that brings you joy and helps you fulfill your purpose; the haven that represents what family means to you; the business that attracts your tribe and builds community; the school that encourages smarter, healthier, happier students." -  More on Magalie René-Hayes at